Benefits of Yoga practice


Yoga is an holistic systeam that works in all planes




With the lifestyle we have living in the cities, under the agglomeration and tendency to sedentarism life we are not use to move the body and our normal posture is sitting down.


So is normal that at the end of the day we feel tired and with sore body . Yoga practice allow us to strain the body and also to move some parts that we never use. We can stretch muscles and tendons of all over the body, we move the joints in all possible directions and always respecting the natural body alignment.


With the Asanas or yoga postures you can work the flexibility, balance, coordination, strength, will make you be more conscience of the muscles movements and which postures benefit you and which ones not.


You became conscience of our own body rhythms, specially the breathing. That consciousness of your breath will permit you to use the breath in a correct way, thats means use more and better your lung capacity and be able to calm down your body and mind.



The Yoga practice involve a physical part where difference asanas or postures are development. During this process the body release endorphins, “The happiness hormone”, which make us feel more relax and calm, it favor reasoning ability and reduces the tendency to react negatively to certain situations among other benefits.


There is also a spiritual or philosophical part in which one the Yoga teacher could explain in various ways the similarity of work and effort of the practice of the asanas with our life outside the yoga studio or “off-the matt”. Through asanas you can learn to stay focused and be aware of your body and your movements. This knowledge can and should be applied outside the yoga class for your own benefit.

This yoga style comes from the Iyengar tradition and its practice with a belt which is hanging from the ceiling. With this prop you can learn how to stretch the spine respecting the natural curve of the spine while enjoying the nice sensation of be upside down with any effort.

Since the very first time I tried and Acroyoga class I totally felt in Love of it. This practice will show you how to trust; in your self and in the other people who are playing with you.

This style comes from the Ashtanga tradition, which is the more physical and intense yoga style. In Vinyasa flow you will working with creatives sequences, unlike the ashtanga that the asanas have the same order and sequences depending on the level of practice that the student has.

In vinyasa flow the connection between the breathing and movement it is very important, both developing in a harmonious and fluid way. Ocean breathing or “Ujjayi” is the key in this yoga modality.

This is a new and very fun modality. In my Yoga Dance classes the movements are designed to clear the body of static energy through the use of yoga asanas and tribal’s moves, contemporary dance, belly dance and different Africans dances transitions. Fused into one energetic dance, turns Yoga Dance as exotic, dynamic, passionate, transformational and divine sweat!