About Me

Yogi, animal lover and world traveler, always loved to live by the sea and warm places (reason why she is living in Southeast Asia).

Raquel started to play and practice yoga and Contemporary dance at an early age but it was not until 2012 when she realised the power and influence that yoga has. Yoga has totally changed her life, has empowering her to be happier, trust in herself and follow her dreams until becoming reality. And that is what she wants to transmit to her students in each class, yoga is much more than exercise and breathing techniques yoga is a philosophy which give us tools to use out of the mat in our daily life.

It wasn’t until 2014 when Raquel (Omcean Yogi) discovered AcroYoga with Carlos Romero and Janice Aragones and a new world of trust, care and fun was open to her.
Since then her goal has been to share this passion with as many people as possible organising Acro jams and bringing Acro to her Vinyasa classes.

She believes that Acroyoga is a powerful tool for increasing self-confidence; rediscover the community feeling and the joy of finding new things about ourselves, which we never thought could exist.

She would be more than happy to participate/ collaborate and engage in social projects, non-profit organisations as well as in yoga studios, retreats centers and hotels for sharing the bliss of teaching what she thinks is the healing practice which our modern life needs, LETS DO YOGA!

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